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Maybe you are reading this because you wonder who I am and how did I get to this point. You may want to know why you should hire me. Well, this is me: My name is Borja and I´m a fashion photographer based in Madrid, Spain. But you already know that. 

Since I can remember I have always been with a photographic camera in my hands. My grandfather, my mother and my uncles were very enthusiastic about photography; so, as you may imagine, with those references at home, I dedicated my weekly pay to buy automatic cameras in seizure stores and to test different photographic films. The magic of the analogue!

I was an extreme sports crazy teenager; my friends and their early 90’s aesthetic invade each one of the negatives I treasure since then. They and my family have always been my main source of inspiration, even today.

My life took diverse twists before I turned photography into my way of life. I have no desire to bore you with this part, but the one thing I can say for sure is that whatever I did there was always a camera next to me.

My earliest training was in documentary photography, as a press photographer for my university newspaper, afterwards, as a graphic editor and chief of photography for the same publication and, later, as a political and cultural photographer for Agencia EFE and Tiempo de Hoy magazine. Many of my photos from those days appeared all around the globe.

I combined that job with teaching. When giving lessons at university I discovered the artistic and creative possibilities of fashion photography and editorial portrait.

Thereupon, fashion came to me. I trained in the studio of one of the greatest photographers, Mario Sierra and, after several years next to him, I kept on with learning by assisting some of the culminating Spanish photographers such as Miguel Reveriego, Xevi Muntané, Rubén Vega, Tomás de la Fuente or Gonzalo Machado, among others

And now I’m here, about to work for you. Now you know me a little bit better and you know why I do what I do. Style is intimately bound to each one’s life.


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