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Hi, i´m Borja (pronounced Bor-ha) I´m a Fashion and portrait photographer, based in Madrid, Spain; 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a camera in my hand. My grandfather, my mother and my uncles were all interested in photography. They were my first teachers.

As a young boy, I would use my weekly allowance to buy second-hand automatic cameras and test different types of films with my friends.

My friends and I were influenced by the early 90’s aesthetic and culture. The music, the clothes, the cinema, or the books we read at this time. Even today, my friends are still my main source of inspiration.

I took some twists and turns before photography became my way of life. Whatever I did, a camera was always by my side.

My first work experience was in documentary photography, as a press photographer for my university newspaper. Subsequently, I became a political and cultural photographer for Agencia EFE and Tiempo de Hoy magazine. Many of my photographs from those days have appeared in print all over the world.

Soonafter, fashion and portraits became an integral part of my life. I continued to grow professionally by assisting some of the top Spanish photographers for the next six years.

After that I continued my own path.



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